change Kites have become a canvas for artwork that varies as much as your imagination will allow



styles Our parents flew paper diamonds that were supported by wooden sticks. Often they were printed. Those kites still exist, but so much has changed


designs The variety of shapes, styles and designs on modern kites is unlimited





sizes vary from giants to tiny

floating all of these kites fly


paper a variety of materials are used including paper, mylar, nylon and polyester



flight indoors and outdoors, day and night, all year

banner on the right is a 22' piece of artwork that indicates wind speed and direction


original designs - such as the one to the left.





art Captured and lifted by the wind

Original kite design by Glenn Davison







I got the kite.

I flew the kite,

I love the kite.


Cube kite design by Glenn Davison










It was quite a thrill for me! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning!




"It flies! It flies. The weather is awful here... windy and rainy so I ran it around the house. It flies really well. Really! :-)" -Ron Bohart



  Art Kites

built by

Glenn Davison